When going to the nail salon, you may naturally assume that you’re in good hands. However, there have been many reports in recent years of people getting bacterial infections or fungal infections after getting manicures or pedicures at nail salons. This could happen easily if the nail technicians fail to sterilize their equipment before using it on a customer

On the other hand, there are certain actions you may take that can make your salon experience much worse. These actions are not the fault of the nail technicians either. Therefore, you need to learn the do’s and don’ts of how to act before, during, and after a nail salon visit.


Nail Salon Do’s

Your number one concern should be whether they have an autoclave to sterilize their nail tools and equipment. Make sure you ask the technician if they’re using an autoclave. If they’re not, then don’t get treated by them. Either that or bring your own nail tools and ask if they’ll use them to treat your nails.

Watch to see if the pedicure tub has been disinfected. The disinfectant powder needs about 10 minutes to take effect. Only put your feet in the tub after you know that it’s been disinfected.

The technician must change their gloves prior to treating each new client. Make sure your technician has a new pair of gloves on before they touch your nails.

Finally, it never hurts to research your local area to find the best nail salon possible. Look up the reviews and see which one has the most positive feedback.


Nail Salon Don’ts

Nail Salon Do's & Don'ts

Never receive a manicure or pedicure while an open wound is present on your hands or feet. You can’t have scabs either. Any open flesh is susceptible to disease, so you need to be careful there.

Never wax or shave within 24 hours of getting a pedicure.

Make sure the technician knows not to cut or damage your cuticles. This is a natural barrier which is supposed to prevent fungi and bacteria from getting into your body.

Don’t allow the technician to remove your calluses with a razor because it will be too harsh on the skin. A foot file or pumice stone is better.

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