Service that starts beyond your nails!

Pampering Services: Whether you are looking for a quick lunch break retreat, a girl’s day, bachelorette pre-party, or just because, Boudoir Nail Bar offers a full range of nail services as well as Spray Tanning & Waxing Services… Blow Dry Bar & Make Up services coming! At Boudoir, clients can enjoy a safe, clean, and GORGEOUS place to relax and enjoy a legit nail pampering service while also enjoy our full beer & wine bar services. At Boudoir, we believe service starts with being treated like a customer who deserves affordable luxury opposed to just a dollar bill that has hands and feet. We greatly value your business and even more so, we value the opportunity to provide you a well-deserved service that is quite frankly, should be the norm everywhere you go!!

San Diego’s Best Nail Artists: Boudoir Nail Bar brings the “Art” to Nail Artist! @BoudoirNailBar1, clients can see first-hand (no phun in intended J) the latest crazes, trendy new nail art, and creative masterpieces unmatched by the salons next door. We invite you to follow our amazing nail artists on our Instagram and Facebook page as well as each of our nail artists’ individual social media pages. Clients love the ability to see the unique touch that each of our Nail Artist’s strive to provide with each hand they touch! Whether you are striving for a gorgeous natural look or something out of Hollywood, Boudoir Nail Bar likely does it! To be honest, there’s not much we can’t do. But, in case you are wondering or just would like to get an estimate, clients are welcomed to message us on social media any picture they are considering ahead of their reservation and we will gladly confirm ability and availability.

Customer Service: At Boudoir our passion is centered on our clients’ satisfaction. From the how you are greeted to all the little things that add up, we LOVE the opportunity to change the way you think about nail salons--forever. At Boudoir we strive to deliver top notch services, top shelf products, and specialize in making you feel gorgeous! And when a problem occurs, we believe the way we respond to the problem is just as important as the solution and we believe there is always a solution or remedy in a world of creativity. That said, we recognize how hands and nails can be finicky and we want you to be picky! So, when we don’t nail it, we want the opportunity to make things right.

Space Rental Services: Have you ever seen a VIP Room in a Nail Salon? We invite you to visit our VIP Beauty Lounge where we have hosted many in-house and after hour parties where clients can enjoy a full beer & wine bar while they relax and hangout with their family, friends, and/or co-workers. We have specially created a 300 sq. ft. VIP Room for our guests who want to take their party celebration to the next level! Cost of space rentals varies depending on size of party and catering needs. Boudoir offers a “party protocol form” to help clients reserve services and space head of their reservations as well as a tool to help clients coordinate their guest’s services. Please inquire by asking to speak with Nora Neff to discuss various promotions and party packages offered throughout the year.  

Boudoir Nail Bar is the perfect location for bachelorette parties, bridal showers, birthday parties, or any other event you might be planning. Allow us to make your special day one you will always remember!


Boudoir Guarantee: At Boudoir you can expect us to do our best make you B E A U T I F U L. But, yes, we do make mistakes from time to time! Although we aim high and usually nail it, when mistakes occur we believe the way we respond to the problem is just as important as the solution. Unlike “other salons” that may treat you like you are from a different planet when you have a complaint, at Boudoir we are arms wide open and really do look forward to nailing it next time!

Gel Polish Guarantee: you should get what you pay for. For that reason, all gel polishes are guaranteed for 10 days. The only condition is clients have to properly take care of their nails.